Facts About ATPECOOP

In 1981, forty three (43) employees of Advance Micro Devices met to seek resolutions on how they will be able to help their co-employees who are financially troubled while trying to meet the needs of their families. These 43 employees decided to contribute Five Hundred Pesos (P500) each and was able to raise Twenty One Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (P21,500). They then organized the cooperative in January 6, 1981. Other employees joined them and started pooling their resources to fund for the financial needs of the others. Aside from a facility to run to in case of financial emergencies, the coop was also their access for a mandatory regular savings as much as they can afford to, through the monthly Fixed Dues or the Capital Share Contribution.

The cooperative has started with only just two types of loans which was the Provident and the Character Loan.

Now with a new name, Amkor Technology Philippines Employees’ Cooperative, the Coop is now offering a total of twenty one (21) loans providing for the various needs of its members.

Another option for savings is now offered to the coop members on top of the Fixed Dues, the Mutual Funds which is voluntary for its members, from the Fixed Income Funds, to the Balanced Funds and Equity Funds.

The line of operations has changed from a Credit Cooperative to a Multi-purpose cooperative in 1990 as it has expanded its operations from a mere savings and loans cooperative to one engaging in various businesses. To date, the other business operations of the coop include the franchising of a Generika Drugstore located in Sta. Rosa Bayan, a Commercial building in Muntinlupa, and the latest which is the Petron Gas Station located in Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

With its wide array of accredited vendors, a variety of merchandise is brought at the premises of the cooperative for the convenience of its members.

While the lending operation still occupies the biggest share of the pie in terms of income generation to the coop, the other contributors are not to be taken for granted as they have been a part in sustaining financial stability of the coop.

The continuous capitalization from the members has given the coop the opportunity to expand its businesses outside of their comfort zone.

While keeping in mind the very reason for its existence and for which it was organized, the coop balances its moral obligations to its members between sustaining profitable operations, meeting and granting their financial needs while instilling Financial Discipline and promoting Savings and Thriftiness. The Amkor Coop challenge is not merely on improving its services to its members, not only in increasing the year end Interest on Capital Share (ICS or Dividends) and Patronage Refunds, but also in uplifting the socio-economic and living standards of majority of its members, especially the less privileged members with the help of each and every member of the cooperative.

ATPECOOP is a voluntary association of Amkor Technology Philippines team members with  a common bond of interest whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interest of its members by way of:

  1. Promoting thrift and savings among its members;
  2. Pooling of resources in order to grant loans to other members who are financially in need;
  3. Promoting the cooperative as a way of life for the improvement of the social and economic well-being of its members.


Making a Difference,

Changing Lives One Step at a Time.